New Beginnings Programs

Located in the heart of Santa Barbara, New Beginnings now helps more than 1,146 people change their lives through low-cost counseling sessions and other various outreach programs. We've helped 687 homeless people living in their vehicles through our RV Safe Parking Program this year alone. We have 339 individual clients receiving on-going counseling services and we've been able to help more than 90 adults and 30+ children this year through our Life Skills and Parent Education classes. Counseling appointments are available by calling our clinic at 963-7777.

Need Help?

Would you like to speak to someone about a counseling matter?

Our staff of experienced counselors and interns are ready and able to serve you. Please call the center at (805) 963-7777 and we'll get some basic information about who you are and what you want to talk about. We'll match your needs with the education and experience of our staff to find the best person to assist you. All information is held in the strictest confidence. To protect your confidentiality, we are unable to respond to emails. Please call the center and we'll be happy to help you.

Safe RV Parking Program

Due to the alarming increase in vehicle dwellers in south Santa Barbara County, coupled with the crackdown on overnight parking enacted by the City of Santa Barbara, New Beginnings currently operates a program to provide safe overnight parking for individuals and families who find themselves living in their vehicles. The program is a cooperative between New Beginnings, area churches and non-profits whereby participating institutions provide parking places for vehicle dwellers registered with the New Beginnings program. The program currently includes various dispersed locations in the county. The purpose of the program is to provide a level of stability needed for vehicle dwellers to effectively make positive changes in their lives. A safe place to park, together with the social services and case management provided by New Beginnings case workers, are the tools used to achieve this end. Interested parties should direct their calls to The Safe Parking Program administrative office. The phone number is 805-845-8492. The fax number is 805-845-8493.

Supportive Services for Veteran Families

New Beginnings Counseling Center’s Supportive Services for Veteran Families program is designed to help end homelessness among the Veteran population in Santa Barbara County. This housing first model aims to provide housing stability by providing cash assistance to those in danger of losing their housing and to rapidly transition into stable housing those who are homeless and scheduled to become residents of permanent housing within 90 days. Veterans who qualify for this program must have served in active military, naval, air service, Merchant Marines, or were activated by Presidential order and served in another state or country while in the National Guard or Reserves; received an other than dishonorable discharge, and have a gross household income at or below 30% of area median income for household size. For more information please contact the Supportive Services for Veteran Families program at (805) 963-7777 ext. 107, or email

If you are recently homeless or about to be homeless....

If you are recently homeless, or about to be homeless, here are five immediate steps you can take to get some help:

1. Contact your County Social Services Department, Chamber of Commerce, City Hall, and Veterans Administration to find out how to receive general relief, cash aid, medical aid, and food stamps.

2. Contact the Social Security Department to see if you are eligible for disability.

3. Contact your local city and county housing authorities to sign up for housing assistance.

4. Contact your local shelters and faith-based organizations to see where you can find shelter and food.

5. Contact your local school district if you have children to see what assistance is available to you.

It’s important to reach out and ask for help. There are many good organizations and people who are willing to assist you. And remember, everyone deserves a new beginning.

Life Skills Training Program

Our Life Skills Training Program has been designed to make permanent changes in people's lives. All individuals we serve are low-income. Through this program, we helped 90 parents last year stabilize their lives and those of their children, find permanent housing, improve parent-child communication. We also gave them a new hope for their future.

The Life Skills Program consists of eight parenting classes that are 90-minute sessions; a parallel facilitated children's group (ages 6-12), a youth group (ages 13-16). We also provide childcare for children under the age of 6. The parenting classes are offered in both Spanish and English.

The purpose of our parenting classes is to provide a space for parents to reflect on their own experiences of being parented, and how that is influencing - positively or negatively - on their current parenting patterns. Mindful parenting practices and skills are explored. Topics covered include: parenting philosophy, communication, attachment, temperament, developmental stages, parenting styles and discipline. Each class also includes time for group meditation.

The parallel children's group - in addition to its social skills aspect - has a broad curriculum, with a variety of child-friendly exercises and games. The exercises include: guided visualisations, children's meditations, brain gym exercises, art (paint and clay) and poetry (reading, listening and writing).

The youth group focuses on mindfulness, resilience and self-esteem building in the context of coping with stress and anxiety. The physical, mental and emotional effects of stress are explored and various coping skills taught.

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